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Looking for embryos? 
Contact us for more information.
We have the possibility to collect exportable embryos for your needs. We export them all over the world. 
VIDEO: group of eight 2018 ewe lambs which collected embryos for New Zealand. This has been the first Hamphsire Down genetic export to New Zealand from Europe for more than 50 years!
We have spent more than 30 years combining the best of British and Irish sheep genetics both for showing and commercial performance.
We have for several years been the largest suppliers of stud rams to the UK pedigree industry and our sheep have regularly achieved the top prices at UK sales.
Additionally we supply stud rams to other European breeders in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland
We keep a small flock of about 100 top quality ewes and breed or buy in the very best rams to cross with our ewes. 
We are happy to discuss supplying quality embryos from our flock and can collect those  to order for customers.
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Female Champion National Show Stratford ‘15

54S16689 (s. Ballycreelly What The Devil)

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